Give me the Impromptu Speaking: How to make it look easy program for just US$97 so I never have to fear Public speaking again.
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Impromptu Speaking:

How to make it look easy

A simple, easy to use, step-by-step process that will show you how to speak at a moments notice AND make it look effortless.

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To speak at a moments notice you need to have stories, structures and ideas that are your one and that your audience can relate to. This program shows you how to find them. It will take you through:
  • How to find interesting stories
  • How to take anything that has happened to you today and turn it into a story people will want to hear
  • How to structure your stories to make a clear point
  • How to change the topic and still answer the question
  • How to structure your ideas for easy recall
  • How to speak so people listen
  • How to make one storey a 5 second or 5 minute storey and still have a valuable point
  • How to draw people into your story
  • And much much more.
This program includes 2 Blue-print templates that make impromptu speaking a paint-by-numbers process. It becomes a breeze to prepare. When you master this simple process, you will never fear those impromptu speaking situations again. You will be able to share YOUR stories and YOUR ideas in an entertaining or informative manner. You will become the speaker you want to be.

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